MoCA Lab

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware" - Alan Kay

MoCA (Merced Computer Architecture) is a research lab of CSE department at UC Merced led by Dr. Hyeran Jeon. Our mission is to design energy-efficient, reliable and secure computer architectures and systems. The scope is not limited to micro-architecture level because performance and energy efficiency can be achieved from the smarter interaction between software and hardware. As phasing into the domain-specific computing era, we are also exploring various emerging workloads (e.g., machine learning applications) to better support these new types of workloads in both software and hardware levels. Overall, the research motto of MoCA is greatly linked with the above quote of Alan Kay. MoCA is associated with HPCSA.

PhD Students

Mujahid Al Rafi (Fall 2021-)

Research interest:

Secure DNN Computing

BS from CSE @ BUET

Yuan Feng (Fall 2021-)

Research interest:

Multi-GPU Architecture

MS from HPC @ U Edinburgh

Undergrad Students

Kevin Espinoza (Independent Research in Spring 2023)

Associated Researchers

Ryan Zelek (NVIDIA)

Welcome Party in Fall 2021


Master Graduates

Hoa Nguyen first appointment @ MathWorks

Nigel Bernard first appointment @ Intuit

Shivam Tyagi first appointment @ Amazon

Danny Santoso first appointment @ SuperMicro

Deeksha Prakash Kankalale first appointment @ Samsung

Priyanka Subramanyam first appointment @ Lam Research

Prashanth Iyengar first appointment @ IGATE Global Solutions

Chethan Keshava first appointment @ Intel

Aajna Karki first appointment @ Western Digital

Spoorthi Mysore Shivakumar first appointment @ Microsemi Corporation

Meera Ramesh first appointment @ NVIDIA

Bhushan Muthiyan first appointment @ Wave Computing

Sindhuja Elango first appointment @ Synopsys

Shilpa Srinivasan first appointment @ Intel

Swetha Ravi first appointment @ Wave Computing

Undergrad Independent Research

Yash Sharma (Fall 2021)

Yingshi Liu (Summer 2021)

Aman Kaur (Summer 2021)

Aishwaria Rangasamy (REU Summer Intern 2022)

Xavier Ybarra (REU Summer Intern 2022)