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Hyeran Jeon

Hyeran Jeon is an Assistant Professor in the CSE department at the University of California Merced. Her main research interests lie in energy-efficient, reliable and high-performance computer architecture and systems design. Her research lab has been sponsored by California Energy Commission, LAM Research, and Xilinx. Before joining UC Merced, Hyeran was an Assistant Professor at SJSU. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, under the supervision of Prof. Murali Annavaram, where she received Viterbi dean’s doctoral fellowship. She has industry experiences as an intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and AMD Research, and as a systems software engineer at Samsung Electronics. Hyeran obtained her M.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology and Korea University, and B.S. from Pusan National University.

contact: hjeon7_at_ucmerced.edu

* I am looking for PhD students and post-doc researchers. If you are interested in research on computer architecture in general, GPU architecture, deep learning workload optimization or energy-efficient data center, send me your latest resume.

Why UC Merced? UC Merced campus is in 2-hour proximity from Silicon Valley. We are the youngest campus in the prestigious University of California system. Students will get the same benefit with the other campuses inspite of cheaper living expenses. Check our ranking for computer architecture and high-performance research here.

Recent News

Rafi will join MoCA lab in Fall 2021. Welcome!

I and Dr. Li received the Academic Senate Faculty Grant for efficient deep learning model training on heterogeneous memory architectures.

We are excited to be part of HPCSA. Check what we are doing in the systems and computer architecture research group at UC Merced!

I will serve on the program committee for APPT'21. Submit your best work to APPT.

I will serve on the program committee for DUAC'21. Submit your best work to DUAC.

I will serve as an external reviewer for MICRO'21. Submit your best work to MICRO.

Our WiP paper "A New Foe in GPUs: Power Side-Channel Attacks on Neural Network " is accepted in ISQED'21.

Our paper "Two-Stage Sequence Model for Maximum Throughput in Cluster Tools" is accepted in SAMI'21.

I will serve as an external reviewer for ISCA'21. Submit your best work to ISCA.

Our collaborative work "Sentinel: Efficient Tensor Migration and Allocation on Heterogeneous Memory Systems for Deep Learning" is accepted to HPCA'21.

I will serve for an IEEE standards working group for energy efficient communications hardware.